Bouldering and Hiking

Monday Mountain Day

Bouldering is an activity unique to Aspen Day Camp, designed to teach kids how to safely explore and travel across a Rocky Mountain environment. Bouldering is a creative blend of climbing, hiking and scrambling, with Aspen Day Camp kids learning to think and make smart decisions in the woods. Children will practice their balance and coordination while using their imaginations and problem solving skills; the group dynamic encourages partnership and collaboration to overcome obstacles and find the best routes.

Children will participate in Bouldering and hiking on Monday Mountain Day! We have a tasty picnic lunch and with a certified lifeguard usually go for a swim too! Children complete the bouldering day with a great sense of accomplishment and skills which contribute to success in not only other activities and sports, but also in everyday life skills. For further individual or group development, on Saturday we offer Private Lesson Experiences. The mountains are endless with possibilities, leading to a happy and healthy day.