Whitewater River Rafting

Wednesday Whitewater Day

Campers will be participating in rafting on Wednesday Whitewater Day! All our guides are energetic and highly trained, with many years of experience. During our river trip, kids are given the added experience of learning how to paddle and guide a Ducky (inflatable 2 kid kayaks); Duckies add another element to the river, where kids learn basic kayak and navigation skills. For further individual or group development, on Saturday we offer Private Lesson Experiences (i.e. Ducky, Stand-Up Paddle boarding). It all adds up to a spectacular day of rafting, leading to a happy and healthy day.

Rafting is a fantastic and popular day camp activity, bringing kids together on the river to enjoy a day of socializing and the thrills of whitewater. Beginning from the Shoshone rapids on the mighty Colorado River, day campers soak up the fun rafting through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon. Day camp uses quality equipment, from proper fitting life jackets to large ten person rafts