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****Covid-19 Update****

With the Covid-19 affecting our society and normal, everyday lives, I would like to state the changes coming into effect this summer in regards to camp. This summer Aspen Day Camp will be open to Private Full Day Activities only. This will allow you, the parents, to have more control and decide who you would like to participate in camp with your child(ren) and still feel safe from being exposed to someone who could have potentially been exposed. 

With having the Private Full Day Activities, you will be allowed to have up to 5 children total join the camp day. By keeping the numbers smaller, this will also keep the direct contact between others minimal and allow campers to be surrounded by friends/family who you deem to be safe to enjoy the camp day.

Also, every day we will be taking temperature checks for daily campers to assure that everyone is being safe and healthy throughout the summer. Any camper with signs of a higher temperature will not be allowed to join camp until fever has subdued. Also, I will do extra disinfecting to any equipment used each day as well as the camp van. This will allow us to keep the safest camp environment for everyone participating.